Migros Shopping Center, Lucerne, Switzerland


Sport & Wellness, School, Hotel,

Project: Diener & Diener Architekten
Location: Hertensteinstrasse-Töpferstrasse, Lucerne, Switzerland
Client: Genossenschaft Migros
Project date: 1995-98
Construction date: 1998-2000
Supervision of works: TGS Partner Architekten: Meinrad Grüter, Joe von Büren
Outdoor areas: Stefan Koepfli, Christoph Wey
Lot surface area: 7,620 sq.m.

Migros Shopping Center, Lucerne, Switzerland Renovation of Hotel Schweizerhof and construction of the Migros Shop was a rather controversial project: demolition of the wing of the old hotel occupied by the stables and the kitchens to build a new shopping centre attracted bitter criticism.

At the competition stage, it was feared that the big hall in the hotel built between 1863 and 1865 by Leonhard Zeugheer would also have to be sacrificed, but the winning project by Diener&Diener managed to find the right compromise between the demands of the town planners and those of the architects.
Diener managed to solve the difficult problem of inserting a new building in an established context featuring a building with a significant impact on the town, based on the form of the nearby Matthäuskirche.

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