Michael Wilford: Lowry Centre, Salford, Great Britain, 2002

Michael Wilford,


Free Time, Auditorium,

Glass, Steel,

The Lowry Centre overlooks the basin of the canal that made north-western England the heart of the Industrial Revolution; in the 'seventies, the revolution in transportation brought about by introduction of containers and changes in world trade marked the end of an era in this part of the country.

Michael Wilford: Lowry Centre, Salford, Great Britain, 2002 Purchased almost entirely by the "Salford City Council" in 1983, the Manchester Docks area is now the subject of intense public debate. Instead of aiming for massive private investment in services and residential developments, the plan focuses on cleaning up the waters and reconstructing the landscape.
The aim is to create a tourist attraction and cultural centre as a starting point for redevelopment in the area.

The canal waters have now become the focus of one of the most interesting urban redevelopment projects of the last twenty years.
Michael Wilford's Lowry Centre stands at the tip of a triangle including the Digital World Centre, a pedestrian bridge and the explosive forms of the Imperial War Museum.

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