McLaren Technology Centre
Norman Foster, London 2002

Norman Foster,


Companies, Offices,

Glass, Steel,

A man-made lake and a huge bean-shaped structure are the two main elements of the McLaren Technology Centre, a multifunctional facility designed by Norman Foster for the well-known automobile manufacturer.

McLaren Technology Centre<br> Norman Foster, London 2002 On a 50 hectare lot to the south of London, the new complex stands out for its sinuous form reflected in the lake and the contrast between the two dominant colours: black and white.
The project fulfils the famous London architect's intention of creating a complex in which natural and human elements are closely integrated in order to improve the comfort, liveability and appearance of the workplace. One of the most important aims of the project was bringing together all McLaren's activities in a single structure.
The most impressive thing about the new Technology Centre is the huge size of the complex, which was commissioned by Ron Dennis at a cost of 200 million pounds.

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