Mbm Arquitectes (Martorell, Bohigas, Mackay): Kleine Circus, Maastricht, 1993-1998

MBM Arquitectes, Oriol Bohigas,


Housing, Condos,

Architects: MBM Arquitectes: Josep Martorell, Oriol Bohigas, David Mackay
Partners: Buro Boosten Rats, Carles Olmo
Client: Vilma Vasgoed
Location: Heumegeveg Avenue, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Built area: 24000 m2
Total surface area: 10500 m2
Project start date: 1993
Completion date: 1998

Mbm Arquitectes (Martorell, Bohigas, Mackay): Kleine Circus, Maastricht, 1993-1998 This ensures that every apartment, no matter which way it faces, has a view of gardens from its living room.
The project generates a unified whole which is at the same time subject to slight shifts and clear inversions of plan; this is apparent in the cylindrical volume too, which is partially elided by a secant plane.
This structure closes off the view to the west, while suddenly accelerating the projection point to the east.
A place of planimetric tension is thus created, which slowly blends into the design of the parterre and the downward gradient of the angular volumes toward Heumegeveg Avenue.
The facades overlooking the courtyard and the park are characterised by correspondence of full and empty volumes, which alternate along the vertical warp with the horizontal weft of the parapets and patios.
Trusses project from the level of the walls, while the vertical septa project beyond the eaves to support the light roofs overhead; the angular omission of volumes and windows continuing all around the building lend a propulsive thrust to its design which culminates in the presence of orthogonal elements along the surface of the facade, emphasising the external folds and interruptions in volume.
The continual alternation of elements which often contrast with one another permit the project to institute a relationship of allusive reciprocity with the area and its history.

Floriana De Rosa

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