Mazes, parks, architecture and contests - best of the week


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Labirinto della Masone, a maze in Fontanellato Parma designed by architect Pier Carlo Bontempi, was featured at an event held by FAB Architectural Bureau in Milan. This week's best of the week feature looks at park projects presented in Floornature.

Mazes, parks, architecture and contests - best of the week

On November 12 FAB Architectural Bureau in Milan hosted an event focusing on the architecture of Pier Carlo Bontempi and specifically the Labirinto della Masone, a maze the architect designed in Fontanellato Parma for publisher Franco Maria Ricci. In this edition of the best of the week, we look at a number of park projects presented in Floornature.
The first project is concerned with the visual identity and brand strategy of the Norwegian National Parks, designed by architectural practice Snøhetta.
We go on to look at a project in which a single space combines a number of different functions: a bridge, a school, a social centre for adults and a children's playground, created by architect Li Xiaodong in the village of Xiashi, Pinghe County, in China's Fujian Province. The relationship between art and nature is underlined in a project by Norwegian architect Lund Hagem, a museum for the works of artist Knut Steen in the sculpture park in Midtåsen.
Among projects in which the urban, built aspect predominates over the presence of nature, we recall Parco della Musica e della Cultura, the Park of Music and Culture built in Florence by ABDR, and Spanish architect José Luis Bezos Alonso's plan for a belvedere and defensive construction at Parco Genovese in Cádiz.
And finally, we recall the regeneration of the Parco delle Sughere in Donoratico (LI) by Fabio Candido and Marco Sarri of Italian architectural practice Sundaymorning, a finalist in the Research category in the NextLandmark2014 contest.