Massimiliano Fuksas, La Nuvola

Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas, Odile Decq,


Hotel, Sport & Wellness, Auditorium,

30 metres high, oriented lengthwise: "The Cloud" (La Nuvola) is Massimiliano Fuksas' new Convention Centre in Rome's Eur district.

Massimiliano Fuksas, La Nuvola<br> Rome The structure will be supported by a dense mesh of steel ribbing. The cloud, suspended between the ceiling and the floor of the large hall, will offer a different view on each side of the building. The outer wrapper will feature simple, squared-off lines, in a homage to the rationalist architecture of the thirties which characterises the EUR district and Adalberto Libera's convention centre.
The project, which Massimiliano Fuksas conceived while observing the bright blue skies of Greece, will require investment of 137 million euros, to be financed partly by the government and partly by the company which won the competition for the project: Centro Congressi Italia will provide project financing and build the centre in exchange for the right to operate it for the first thirty years.


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