Marion Cultural Centre, PP+ARM
Adelaide, Australia, 2002


University, Cultural Center,

Marion Cultural Centre is a daring work of architecture: its aesthetics may not be easily appreciated, but it undoubtedly represents an ambitious architectural symbol for a culturally impoverished suburb.

Marion Cultural Centre, PP+ARM<br> Adelaide, Australia, 2002 Lastly, the N is a rusted metal structure defining the cafe entrance. The building's lettering is legible from far away, standing out in red and orange to give the building a strong character which immediately made it into a landmark identifying the district.
The building's elongated form encourages a mall-like arrangement of interior space in which various functions are lined up in a row as if along a street.This type of distribution encourages use of the plaza in front of the building as a primary meeting place, and the library, gallery, cafe and bookshop have separate entrances so that they can keep different opening hours, making the Marion Cultural Centre a dynamic, flexible institution.

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