Mario Cucinella. Uniflair. Conselve (Padua) 2004

Mario Cucinella Architects MCA,

Padua, Italy,

Offices, Headquarters, Companies,

It's not just a work of architecture - it's a project that goes beyond the confines of the discipline to venture into the field of corporate organisation. Mario Cucinella's new Uniflair office is something more than a representative, functional space; it is an avant-garde structure which subtends and expresses a new concept of teamwork.

Mario Cucinella. Uniflair. Conselve (Padua) 2004 A series of cylindrical spaces contain meeting rooms and lounge areas.
These "objects" are suspended from the ceiling on moveable tracks, so that air and light flow through them. Their walls are made of a special material consisting of a sound-absorbent plastic molecule to guarantee the necessary privacy for the work going on inside them.
These cylinders, with their vertical development, clearly contrast with the horizontal development of the table, but the effect created by the entire composition is one of great harmony and balance.

In addition to the configuration of the internal spaces, Cucinella worked on the whole area and the landscape around it. The solution adopted was intended to avoid sharp contrast between the natural environment and the new industrial structure; this is the reason for inclusion of unusual elements in the green areas, such as red cement zones, trees located in different areas, flowering meadows and a bamboo garden.
The new Uniflair offices have an innovative look, not only in the philosophy of the company's organisation but in its internal and external configuration.

Laura Della Badia

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