Mario Cucinella. The Apuan Hospitals. 2005

Mario Cucinella Architects MCA,

Pisa, Italy,


Lucca, Massa, Pistoia, Prato: the four new Apuan hospitals were conceived around a flexible building "model", capable of adapting to different requirements.

Mario Cucinella. The Apuan Hospitals. 2005 As well as the compactness of the structure and the definition of internal and external routes, special attention was given to comfort and technology, thereby following a multidisciplinary approach as required by the type of building that was being designed and by its users.
Patients, their requirements and those of staff were therefore placed at the centre of attention and design. The layout of this "model" hospital, in fact, is the outcome of painstaking analysis of the flow and operative system of wards; this analysis led to the idea of a series of overlapping functional layers creating differentiated areas, such as courtyards, garden terraces and large areas in contact with the park.
In turn, this led to the creation of friendly areas, large open spaces and internal courtyards adapting to various functional requirements. The objective was to make the hospital part of the city and for the city, not wrapped up in itself, not isolated: outside the city but in a balanced relationship with it.

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