Mario Cucinella
Bergognone 53 Complex.
Milan, 2004

Mario Cucinella Architects MCA,


Condos, Housing,

Sustainability, Retraining,

Architectural quality and environmental sustainability: these are the guidelines inspiring the construction of the Bergognone development in a semi-central part of Milan.

Mario Cucinella<br> Bergognone 53 Complex.<br> Milan, 2004 The goal of the project was to create a new space for excellence in an area destined to play a particularly important role in years to come thanks to its conversion into a pole for fashion and design.

The project, awarded to Studio MCA Mario Cucinella Architects in an international competition held in 2001, involves renovation of four buildings built in the '60s, focusing in particular on the one overlooking Via Bergognone. In addition to replacement of the old facades with a new design, the project involved work on the part overlooking Via Tortona, demolishing a small portion of the building to make way for the main entrance to the complex.

The roofs were also renovated with addition of a number of garden areas, and the courtyard was adapted with a special metal and glass structure which not only shelters the entrance areas but gives the complex a unique aesthetic character while shading the interior from sunlight to help save energy. The project was commissioned by Hines Italia and cost a total of 23 million euros. The new area, covering 25 thousand square metres, will centre around an inner courtyard offering services of use to the complex and the companies that set up their offices there.

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