Mario Botta, Querini Stampalia Foundation
Mario Botta's restoration, 2003

Mario Botta,

Venice, Italy,

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Palazzo Querini Stampalia is one of Venice's most interesting artistic complexes, located in central Venice not far from Piazza San Marco and home to the foundation established in 1868 by the last descendent of the Querini Stampalias, a historic Venetian family, to preserve their entire patrimony.
Interview with Mario Botta

Mario Botta, Querini Stampalia Foundation<br /> Mario Botta's restoration, 2003 The same materials appear in the elevators, which have portal covered with matt stainless still and outlined by red stone door jambs.
The hall is the fulcrum of the entire complex, the focus of all the rooms on the ground floor; its original size has been restored, and the very vastness of the space seems to redeem the small rooms branching off around it.

A series of panels covers the entire ground floor, a solution Scarpa had already used to provide ventilation for the masonry.
The library's new book storage area, on the other hand, is constructed on four levels, served by elevators and freight lifts and fitted with 5000 linear metres of compact shelving.

Laura Della Badia

Interview with Mario Botta

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