Mario Botta, Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Mario Botta,


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A spectacular instance of contemporary architecture overlooking the panorama of the Lugano valleys and the imposing Alps rising above them: the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, designed by Ticino architect Mario Botta in 1990 and built at an altitude of 1567 metres in Alpe Foppa.

Mario Botta interview

Mario Botta, Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli The ceilings in the side naves follow the form of the outer covering steps, and let light in through glass windows in the riser of each step. Along the circular walls, at their feet, are two series of eleven windows offering views out over the surrounding valleys.
Each of them contains twenty-two cement forms in the thickness of the wall, inlaid with illustrations of themes from the life of Mary.
A tree on the ceiling of the central nave and two trees on the ceiling of the outer walkway unify the spatial reading of the different architectural elements in a single gesture.

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