Multimedia complex
Bical, Martinelli and Courcier

Libraries, Factories, Sport & Wellness,

A new Private Lycée in lovely Notre-Dame-de-Bury park in Margency, France designed by architects Bical, Martinelli and Courcier confirms the institute's interest in guaranteeing the architectural quality of its buildings.

Margency <br>Multimedia complex<br> Bical, Martinelli and Courcier The volume, measuring about 20 x 40 metres, is supported by a series of double prefabricated concrete girders. The most interesting aspect of the construction from the architectural point of view is the enclosing feeling created by the undulating composition, accentuated by a double glass curtain on the facade.
This solution also made it possible to leave the galleries and staircase volumes located at regular intervals behind the plates of glass partially open.
Vertical grooves accentuate the subtle play of light, transparency and reflections. At some points, a series of metal profiles create a frame for the glass surfaces, permitting them to be opened; the radiators in the heating system are the handrails.

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