Marco Piva Interior design Hotel Excelsior Gallia Milano

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Architect Marco Piva designed a new expansion for the Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan and a functional reorganisation of the whole complex.

Marco Piva Interior design Hotel Excelsior Gallia Milano

For Expo Milano 2015 the Hotel Excelsior Gallia got a functional reorganisation designed by architect Marco Piva for the entire complex, both the new wing and the historic building. The central staircase is the only element to have been maintained from the previous interior design project, but this element has also been given a monumental character thanks to a Murano glass lamp at a height of 30 metres which lights up all eight floors of the historic staircase.

Architect Marco Piva specified that the project was intended to create “a Place “ illustrating the areas of excellence of the city of Milan (architecture, design, fashion and lifestyles) and offering an example of style and elegance with refined, welcoming hospitality. This programme was implemented by distinguishing between the building’s two parts. The new wing features clean geometry, contemporary materials such as light steel and glass, and light colours recalling the dynamism of the city of Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and design, business and finance; while in the historic building contemporary details blend with materials and surfaces that underline the monumentality of the spaces, offering a contemporary interpretation of the atmospheres of the thirties.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Marco Piva