Marc Koehler and new solutions for architecture: Loft House 1



A series of innovative lofts from every point of view. This is the new project by Dutch architect Marc Koehler called Loft House 1. A prefabricated wooden structure offers extreme flexibility, which is exploited to the full in the layout of the interiors.

Marc Koehler and new solutions for architecture: Loft House 1

Loft House 1 is experimentation and innovation applied to wooden architecture. The project, by Dutchman Marc Koehler, aims to explore the possibilities offered by making modularity extremely flexible. In fact, with this type of prefabricated wooden building, floor levels can be inserted in almost any position.

The whole house is basedon the inversion of a cardinal principle: the owners have chosen to have the living area on the upper floors and the bedrooms on the lower floors. This is so they can enjoy the splendid view over the port and the sea from the kitchen and the living room, as well as sleeping in the coolest room of the house.
The central focus of the design is the staircase that connects the various levels, being to all effects an atrium that is an ante-chamber to the spaces set out on various levels. There are seven different levels. Koehler chose to reduce the difference in height between the levels to a minimum, so that when one looks around there is a continuous flow between the rooms. This creates spatial continuity, a continuation between the spaces, which moves along the longitudinal axis of the staircase and its ‘mezzanines’.

Last but not least is its environmentally friendly nature. Loft House 1 is climate-neutral and does not produce any harmful emissions. Photovoltaic panels, a CO2-controlled ventilation system, heat collectors and a geothermal system are just some of the features that make this home truly sustainable.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Surface area: 210 m2
Year: 2015
Design: MKA – Marc Koehler Architects
Architects: Marc Koehler + Chun Hin Leung
Team: Hugo Vermeer, Carlota Alvarado, Mariana Rebelo Fernandes and Marijn Luijmes
Photos: Filip Dujardin



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