Maletti Showroom

Reggio Emilia, Italy,


Porcelain Tile,

Iris Ceramica,

Location: Scandiano, Reggio Emilia
Construction: January 2005

Maletti Showroom The third setting is made of natural bamboo, with a low cot covered with a tatami mattress for the famous Indonesian and Thai massage technique using the forearms and feet.
The fourth cabin, inspired by the ancient Ayurveda tradition, contains a bed for Shirodara, a treatment which has had much success in the west since it has become fascinated with treatments and relaxation techniques from the east.
The scene is completed with metallic flooring made of porcelain stoneware from Maletti partner Iris Ceramica, (Brooklyn Bridge from the Metal Line): perfect flooring for spas, offering the non-slip characteristics required in a damp environment and resistance to oils and other products used in beauty salons.
In-depth research conducted in oriental spas permitted perfect design down to the tiniest detail - diffuse light, scented essences and oriental music, zen gardens, fountains and moss islands - to create the right atmosphere for places devoted to wellness.

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