Maggie's Centre, Richard Rogers (Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners), London, 2008

Richard Rogers,



Cement, Glass,

Award, Maggie's Cancer Centre,

Maggie's Centres are assistance centres for cancer patients located all over Great Britain, inspired by architect Maggie Keswick Jencks, who refused to leave her work to be treated for cancer. The experience led to a decision to design comfortable facilities designed on a human scale for patients and their families.

Maggie's Centre, Richard Rogers (Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners), London, 2008 According to Ivan Harbour, of RSH+P, "It is an open house, protected from its immediate environment, a welcoming, inspirational refuge for its visitors".
Rogers? design is also attentive to the environment, recycling rainwater and using lumber from renewable sources.
The building is naturally ventilated, thanks to the presence of inner courtyards and hanging gardens outside all the rooms; the glass façades are shaded and the entire construction is well-insulated to limit heat loss.
The temperature outdoors is monitored at all times to manage the heating system inside, maximising efficiency and thereby reducing unnecessary heat loss.
The building is designed to make the most of natural light; artificial light is used efficiently with individual controls, while a "sun clock" manages outdoor lighting.
The Centre also has a condensation boiler with a floor heating system.
Alvar Aalto?s furniture and Paola Lenti?s carpets were chosen to provide the relaxed, home-like atmosphere that is the goal of the project as a whole.
The London Maggie?s Centre has received numerous awards including the RIBA Award, the Civic Trust Award in 2009 and the Judges' Special Award for Primary Care Design (National Building Better Health Care Award),
the FX Award Public Space category and the Hammersmith Society Environment Award in 2008.

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