Maggie's Centre. Fife (Scotland). Zaha Hadid. 2006

Zaha Hadid Architects,



Glass, Stone, Cement,

Maggie's Cancer Centre,

Meggie's Centre in Fife, Scotland, opened in December 2006, the latest in a series including five other similar facilities in Britain.

Maggie's Centre. Fife (Scotland). Zaha Hadid. 2006 Maggie´s Centres were established by Maggie Keswick Jencks, an architect who refused to give up living in her home environment when suffering from breast cancer in 1998. She decided to construct spaces on a human scale to support the most important cancer treatment centres; places designed to offer patients and their families a comfortable, familiar environment. The centres are all designed by world-famous architects, including Frank Gehry, Richard Rogers, Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid.
In the Fife facility, Hadid confirmed the intention of the project by putting the reassuring, familiar elements of kitchen and fireplace in the centre of the construction. Other choices dictated by this goal created an environment that feels sheltered from the outside world thanks to specific formal and chromatic choices and use of particular materials.
The complex was built in a hollow near Victoria Hospital. The slight depression in the ground makes it feel sheltered by the natural elements around it; the architect's goal was to determine how a natural hollow could be used to create a wrapper that surrounds and protects the structure set inside it. This effect is enhanced by the building's low height, for it has only one floor. The impression is of a sort of continuity between the trees and the building.
The architecture is characterised by straight, decided lines and seems to fold in on itself, as if made of a thin piece of paper: the same sensation is conveyed by the project models and studies.

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