M. Fuksas
Il Museo Tuscolano di Frascati.


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As Lara Vinca-Masini notes in Transtion, connection, transparency, lightness is basic to Fuksas' style, as is the problematic and complex relationship of architecture to its urban context.

M. Fuksas<br> Il Museo Tuscolano di Frascati. The sheets of double-glazed glass protecting the exhibits - two metres and sixty centimetres high, anchored to the floor - create effects which play with transparency and refraction so as to dematerialise the construction; similarly, the entrance doorway has been demolished and replaced with a vast panel of glass which re-establishes the building's connection with the city around it. The densely packed iron supports on which the exhibits are displayed, with a simple, linear aesthetic but placed at varying heights, introduce the element of chance and dynamism typical of Fuksas' poetics, further emphasised by the positioning of the lights.
The ground floor hosts the museum offices as well as two rooms for the permanent collection separated by a service area, while the upper floor has rooms for temporary exhibitions and an auditorium with 250 square metres of screens.
In this rigorous setting, the vast windows overlooking the countryside and Villa Aldobrandini and the use of colour - Pompeii red and blue - to create a perspective background in the exhibition rooms add to the charm and tension of a visit to the museum. Fuksas confirms his predilection for multiple points of view and sensorial perceptions of space, a characteristic that has led Doriana O. Mandrelli to describe his works as "a sort of photomontage in which every piece, even though it has been placed keeping in mind a certain point of view, works in every direction It is for this reason that often his projects are not photogenic given that the photographic objective fixes the image, rendering it static, they are undoubtedly more cinematographic."
Fuksas thus uproots our concept of the museum, interpreting it not as a place of preservation and immobility but as a space for contamination in which the past is offered for viewing on stage, on show.


ex ScuderieAldobrandini
P.zza Marconi, 6
Frascati (Roma)
tel. 06/9417195-6

web site: www.art.dada.it/fuksas
e-mail: info@fuksas.it


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