M. A. X. Museo, Durisch AND Nolli Architects. Chiasso. 2005

Durisch and Nolli Architects,


Museums, Cultural Center,

A very simple building, intentionally so to create a neutral environment that allows its contents to speak: Chiasso's M.A.X Museo was designed by Durisch e Nolli as a container with large, brightly lit spaces.

M. A. X. Museo, Durisch AND Nolli Architects. Chiasso. 2005 But M.A.X. Museo is also designed to be a structure "open" to all disciplines, hosting exhibitions of graphic art, design, architecture, videos, photographs, paintings, installations and sounds; open to dialogue with other museums and cultures; open to questioning the very concept of the museum; and open to the city, with which this "silent" architecture seeks to interact.
The neutrality of the museum spaces reflects the concept behind the space, which is called M.A.X. or "Museo d'Arte X": a museum for a concept of art without an identity, an art that has lost all its names along the way, but which various initiatives will attempt to redefine or permanently "undefine".
"M.A.X. Museo" is a sort of anti-name for a museum.

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