Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Claude Vasconi. 2004

Claude Vasconi,


Companies, Offices,

Glass, Metal,

For the new seat of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, architect Claude Vasconi has designed a complex made up of six buildings, separate entities linked by underground services.

Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Claude Vasconi. 2004 To ensure the utmost flexibility in use of indoor and outdoor space, the long glassed-in walkways linking the buildings are arranged in a grid.
The result is an architecture characterised by very simple lines which avoid all concessions to the frivolous and the decorative, revealing that they are above all functional and preferring forms that are not subject to fleeting fashions.
This is Claude Vasconi?s characteristic way of working in his other projects too, preferring the use of contemporary materials such as metal and glass.

Laura Della Badia

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