Luis Pons Design Lab Guanahani Hotel & Spa - interior design


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Comfort, lightness, skilled craftsmanship and a hospitable feel are the key elements of the interior design project developed by Luis Pons Design Lab for the restyling of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa in the French Antilles.

Luis Pons Design Lab Guanahani Hotel & Spa - interior design

In the splendid natural setting of the French Antilles, on the Grand Cul-de-Sac in Saint Barts, Luis Pons Design Lab developed the interior design project for the restyling of the Guanahani Hotel & Spa.

Luis Pons Design Lab’s restyling is an invitation to enjoy the hotel’s hospitality, enclosed in the perfect synthesis of form and function, represented by a Panama hat and the word "welcome" in the Arawak language: "guanahani", the name of the hotel.
The interior design project gives the hotel rooms a “story” to tell, as if every one of them contained layer upon layer of memories and objects left behind by previous occupants.
Comfort and lightness, memory and traditional handcrafts are the keywords guiding the architects’ definition and characterisation of the various spaces and their designs for the furniture, intended to become collections reflecting the hotel’s style.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Luis Pons Design Lab
Location: St. Barts (Saint-Barthélemy), French Antilles
Images courtesy of Luis Pons Design Lab


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