Luis Barragán, Tlalpan Chapel, Mexico City

Luis Barragan,

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The chapel built for the Capuchinas Sacramentarias del Purisimo Corazon de Maria is a product of Barragán's maturity, in which he manages to complete his personal fusion of modernism, particularly French modernism, with his Mexican artistic heritage.

Luis Barragán, Tlalpan Chapel, Mexico City Barragán designed every detail of the chapel, down to the vestments for the officiating priest, in an attempt to give form, light and colour to the abstract concepts of faith and the origin of human destiny.

The result is a space that continually refers back to an inner dimension where light, the origin of all things, reveals the magic of beauty.

Flores Zanchi

Images from "Luis Barragán. The quiet revolution" Barragán Foundation, Vitra Design Museum, published by Skira of Milano, 2001

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