Lowe Campbell Ewald headquarters: creative spaces for a creative company

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Detroit advertising agency Lowe Campbell Ewald asked Neumann-Smith architectural studios to design their new headquarters. The architects reclaimed a building that had been abandoned for more than a hundred years and brought it back to life in a creative, sustainable way.

Lowe Campbell Ewald headquarters: creative spaces for a creative company

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Creative spaces for a creative company. Lowe Campbell Ewalds wanted to build its new headquarters in an abandoned old building, setting an important precedent for reclamation of the city’s many abandoned buildings and highlighting the importance of creativity as a driver of the city’s economy. The project was implemented by Neumann-Smith Architecture, one of the biggest architectural studios in Michigan.

The key factor is reuse: five hundred locally salvaged wooden doors are used as dividers, as are parts of electrical conduits. More lumber was reclaimed from barns around Detroit, and even the chairs are made using recycled fabric.
Another important element is the screen more than twelve metres long that dominates the foyer and establishes the relationship between the building’s different floors. Staff and visitors can interact on the screen, sending messages and customised images.
Last but no less importantly, the entire building is lit up with led lights. On every level there are interactive screens, kitchens, lounge areas and spaces designed to encourage interaction between staff and clients. Open spaces appear to encourage creativity.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2012-2014
Location: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Design: Neumann-Smith Architecture
Photos: Justin Maconochie


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