Long House. Keith Williams Architects. London. 2007

Keith Williams Architects,


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Building a house that looks as much like a secret refuge as possible: this seems to have been Keith Williams Architects' primary goal in designing the private residence known as Long House.

Long House. Keith Williams Architects. London. 2007 In addition to a large living and dining area, the home contains four bedrooms, a guest area and staff area, a two-car garage and an underground swimming pool with a zinc vault over it.
The result is not only a home that stands out from the norm in London, where buildings are normally vertically oriented: in addition to this clear contrast, the Long House's unique identity is a result of its very particular way of interacting with the landscape around it. The low-lying Long House is a discrete presence in St Williams Wood; the impression it gives, with its shell on one side and panels of glass on the other, is an insistent invitation to enjoy nature.

Laura Della Badia


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