Lloyd's building, London

Richard Rogers,


Offices, Companies,

Glass, Cement,

Architect: Richard Rogers Partnership & O. Arup Associates
Assistants: John Young, Marco Goldschmied and Peter Rice of Ove Arup & Partners
Architectural design: Richard Rogers Partnership
Country: Great Britain
Location: London
Project date: 1978
Construction date: 1986
Load-bearing structure: main structure of reinforced concrete cast on site, main pillars of reinforced concrete, other structures of steel
Total surface area: 40,000 square metres

Lloyd's building, London The building is vertically connected by a dozen elevators made entirely out of glass, affording a panoramic view out over the city.
The structure was designed to permit vertical expansion; the body of the main building and the towers around the perimeter are made of reinforced concrete.
The central part of the building has pillars arranged in a 10.80x18 m grid and is enclosed by an independent curtain covering system consisting of three layers of special glass with a ventilated space between them.
The structure of the towers consists of pillars, beams and floor slabs, all of which are prefabricated; it is covered with fireproof stainless steel sandwich panels.
The building will require ongoing maintenance, as it is made of technological materials which require replacement as they become obsolete.

The building's strong technological component makes it one of Britain's high tech monuments, even though a closer look at the building reveals that the central barrel vault is clearly a classical reference.

Erika Ricci and Simone Scortecci


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