Living Divani Headquarters in Anzano del Parco, designed by Piero Lissoni, 2008

Piero Lissoni - Lissoni Associati Milano,


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To celebrate thirty years in design, Living Divani asked Piero Lissoni to design its new headquarters in Italy's Brianza district.

Living Divani Headquarters in Anzano del Parco, designed by Piero Lissoni, 2008 This is a building that attempts to express the company's spirit, its philosophy and its approach to design: light weight, clean form and perfect proportions, three concepts found in the company's collections and in the building designed by Piero Lissoni, the company's art director since 1988. 1140 square metres on 2 levels, fitting perfectly into the surrounding environment, in which light plays a very important role.
"I wanted to design a long, low, wide building, the ideal proportions in my opinion", is how the architect describes his plan. A clear horizontal volume, a box of light wrapped in a double skin of glass - u-glass plates with panes of glass behind them - adding rhythm to the angle of the sunlight and designing new relationships between interior and exterior, between public and private.
The structure is made of exposed galvanised steel in natural and white hues. Eco-friendly photocatalytic paints were used to reduce pollution.
The building's two levels are interrupted by interior courtyards created artificially. The interior space is uninterrupted and fluid, like a perceptive telescope allowing our gaze to pass interrupted, with clear glass walls modulating volumes and doing away with the detachment of different parts of the building.
The offices are on the ground floor, while the ethereal, neutral first floor provides the backdrop for the company's collections. The ceiling is covered with a metallic mesh which leaves the technological component visible while creating the effect of a vibrating, material surface.

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