Library in Alessandria

arch. Barbesino,


Libraries, Free Time, Cultural Center,


Location: Alessandria, Italy
Architects: Arch. Barbesino and surveyor Cermelli
Supervision of construction: Engineers Zingarini and Mattioli, Alessandria
Structural design: Engineers Zingarini and Mattioli, Alessandria

Library in Alessandria This high-tech structure is perfectly matched by flooring materials from IrisFMG with features similar to natural stone, adding a touch of prestige while at the same time ensuring easy maintenance for a public building frequented by large numbers of people every day.
Quarzite Gialla and Persiano Giallo come together in the flooring with geometric patterns and regular frames surrounding the city¿s coat of arms created with water-jet cut tiles and situated under the central tower of glass and steel.
The two flooring materials alternate in all the indoor flooring, contrasting the pre-polished surface of Quarzite Gialla with polished Persiano Giallo to create a cosy feel with warm hues in the reading rooms and offices.
Quarzite is also used to create raised flooring in the offices for easy, orderly wiring.
This project reveals once again that the choice of materials is a key to determining the connotations of public spaces, adding a pleasant touch of refinement and making reading an even more pleasant time of relaxation and concentration.

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