With a close look at the latest international new buildings dedicated to the arts, Floornature offers an in-depth exploration of the best solutions for pavilions, theatres, libraries and arts centres over recent years. A detailed visual exploration for enthusiasts and experts of the sector, for a better understanding of the whole and of the details hidden behind great projects that have made their mark on architecture and contemporary design.

Curated by Mara Corradi

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"Ethniki" Hellenic General Insurance. Athens. 2006. Mario Botta

Ticino architect Mario Botta has designed a new complex for the Greek insurance firm Ethniki,...

Guanajuato State Library. Pei Architects. Guanajuato (Mexico). 2006


Guanajuato State Library. Pei Architects. Guanajuato (Mexico). 2006

Inside the Guanajuato Cultural Centre of León, a polyfunctional complex that will house theatres,...

Mario Botta, Werner Oechslin Library<br /> Mario Botta. Einsiedeln (Switzerland). 2006


Mario Botta, Werner Oechslin Library
Mario Botta. Einsiedeln (Switzerland). 2006

It took 10 years to get through the red tape before building this complex building, made...

Des Moines Public Library. David Chipperfield. (USA). 2006


Des Moines Public Library. David Chipperfield. (USA). 2006

In the Western Gateway Park in Des Moines, capital of the state of Iowa, architect David...

Delft University of Technology Library<br> Mecanoo, 1998


Delft University of Technology Library
Mecanoo, 1998

As one approaches the entrance to the Delft University of Technology Library - designed by Mecanoo...

Honan-Allston Branch Library<br> Machado and Silvetti Associates<br> Boston, 2001


Honan-Allston Branch Library
Machado and Silvetti Associates
Boston, 2001

For the new public library building in Boston, Machado and Silvetti Associates came up with...

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