Lever House, New York, 1952

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The magnificent Lever House stands out among the skyscrapers to the west of Park Avenue in the centre of Manhattan: a "corporate tower" completed in 1952, 92 metres or 24 storeys high.

Lever House, New York, 1952 For infiltration of water in the glass and steel structures caused gradual corrosion of many parts of the building, breaking several panels.
Renovation work on the building?s outer finishes became urgent in the 90s: in 1998 the work was assigned to Skidmore, Owings & Merrill itself.

Numerous elements of the facade, now in poor condition, had to be replaced with panels of aluminium covered in glass and pieces of stainless steel: a solution which did not alter Lever House?s original appearance. The panels of glass were replaced in the same way: the new panels are constructed according to energy-saving criteria.

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