Le Zagare Shopping Centre

Luciano Roznik,


Shopping Centers, Free Time,

Location: San Giovanni la Punta (CT), Italy
Designer: Luciano Roznik
Project date: June 2002 - June 2003
Construction date: June 2003 - June 2004
Client: Aligrup S.p.a.

Le Zagare Shopping Centre Orientation plays an important role in the design of a shopping centre, along with all other strategies that help make it easy to use and link different areas. Flooring has an important role to play here.
For this project the architect chose Iris Fmg Calacatta and Grigio Carnico man-made marbles, materials capable of providing "the classic look of noble stones" combined with great resistance to wear, a fundamental requirement for a commercial building.
The shopping centre is inevitably a dynamic building: this is why the architect decided not to use a conventional laying scheme in the malls, but to combine tradition with technology using water jet cutting. This technological innovation makes it possible to cut out the shape of the material with an ultra high pressure jet of water so as to reproduce complex, articulated forms.
In this project the flooring has a fluid design like that of the movement of rings of water, and as Roznik says, "it gently drives visitors and captures them in a dynamic flow which spontaneously encourages them to use all the spaces available to them".

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