Le Penhuel & Associés Petit-Clamart school campus and sports complex

Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés,


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Architectural studio Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés’s Petit-Clamart school campus and sports complex joins two parts of the city with opposed layouts back together: a heterogeneous area broken up into lots to the south and the uniform series of public housing tower blocks to the north.

Le Penhuel & Associés Petit-Clamart school campus and sports complex

The current exhibition at the Galerie d'Architecture in Paris, GRANDS FORMATS, focuses on the work of architectural studio Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés. Projects featured in the exhibition include a new school campus and sports complex in Clamart.

The Clamart complex stands on a very large area, a trapezium covering five hectares, and includes two elementary schools and two nursery schools as well as sports facilities (a dojo, a gym, a tennis court, and athletics tracks). The layout of Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés’s project fits in between two contrasting parts of the city and joins them back together again. To the south is a heterogeneous area broken up into small lots, while to the north, the uniform layout of tower blocks seven to twelve floors high in a public housing development stand on the edge of this garden city built in the sixties. The architects have designed three traffic arteries joining these separate parts of the city back together again, two for vehicle traffic with a central pedestrian route leading to the schools and sports complex. The complex creates a new artificial landscape which the architects see as a shared social and educational urban environment promoting users’ well-being. A big raised green plaza unifies the complex and leads to the ground floor of the school buildings. Clear volumes and skylights stand out from this green surface, while the sports facilities are united under a shell-shaped roof, a structure consisting of a glulam frame covered with a metal skin.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Gaëtan Le Penhuel & Associés
Location: Clamart Francia
Images courtesy of Galerie d'Architecture, photo by Sergio Grazia



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