Le Acciaierie di Cortenuova (The Cortenuova Steelworks), Bergamo. Gianni Roncaglia, 2004

Gianni Roncaglia,

Bergamo, Italy,

Shopping Centers,

Steel, Wood, Glass,

Light, large spaces, linearity and harmonious architectural solutions are the key elements of this new shopping centre, created in a vast disused area in the province of Bergamo.

Le Acciaierie di Cortenuova (The Cortenuova Steelworks), Bergamo. Gianni Roncaglia, 2004 The huge zone of the Cortenuova ex-steelworks stands at the centre of a vast area of the plains of Bergamo that are still today dedicated to agriculture. The area has recently been reclaimed and transformed into a new activity and meeting place to create a "shopping village": "Le Acciaierie" are made up of four separate buildings with interlinked activities. BR> The fulcrum of the work is the piazza, with its enormous transparent covering of an umbrella-shaped cupola, aimed principally at being a place for meeting, entertainment and eating. Around this is the "city park", which includes games and recreation activities and a hundred-room hotel.
Wood, aluminium and glass are the protagonists of this huge structure, which is inspired by the shape of the circus big top and forms a piazza surrounded by a large covered showroom and sales space.

The shopping centre covers an area of around 58,000 sq m and is mainly built in concrete, while the structure of the circular area covering the shopping centre piazza is made of laminated wood of a diameter of around 82 metres, resembling an enormous umbrella. This is made up of two parts: a cupola with a central tower and an almost flat circular ring along its perimeter.
The cupola, with a diameter of 43 metres, is made of arches in laminated wood pivoted on a 29 metre-high central tower, while the other end is connected to a rectangular beam around 17.5 metres long.

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