Laprimastanza leserredeigiardini_vol.2 vetro_il bistrò


The architects’ collective laprimastanza designed a little bistro called "vetro" in the greenhouse at the Giardini Margherita, the space which the city government of Bologna has entrusted to the Kilowatt association.

Laprimastanza leserredeigiardini_vol.2 vetro_il bistrò

Vetro is a little bistro designed by architects Davide Agostini, Matteo Battistini, Steve Camagni and Francesco Ceccarelli of the laprimastanza collective. The bistro was created using the greenhouses at Giardini Margherita, spaces which the city government of Bologna had granted for use by the Kilowatt association. The project is a “sequel”, for Laprimastanza worked for same association and the same park on the “guardian’s building”, making it into an incubator for start-ups and freelancers with special co-working spaces. The bistro adds to the services Kilowatt provides, offering a break and an opportunity to socialise for users of the co-working services and the nursery operated by the association.
The architects maintained the particular features of the greenhouse and transferred them into its new function: a clear space, a place that warms, nourishes and incubates life.
The original glass surfaces were recovered and reused, supporting the metal grids supporting the wooden tubs for planting falling plants. The open kitchen and flexible, mobile wooden tables add to the bistro’s light character, allowing it to be set up in new and different ways in response to particular requirements and events.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Laprimastanza (architetti: Davide Agostini, Matteo Battistini, Steve Camagni, Francesco Ceccarelli)
Landscape design: Carpeviride by Enrico Costanza
Location: Bologna, Italy

Images courtesy of Laprimastanza, ph. Lorenzo Burlando


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