Architecture for free time includes hotels and accommodation structures with high-tech, avant-garde features. They are places to stay where you will be welcomed that can enhance and valorise the landscape, sharing spaces and modules with the surrounding nature. With a vision of design that has always been focused the sustainable, Floornature explores the latest trends in landscaping, ranging from living gardens to eco-neighbourhoods, belvederes and renovated residences, for a new frontier of contemporary living.

Curated by Mara Corradi

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Visiting Artists House - Jim Jennings Architecture<br /> Geyserville, California, 2003


Visiting Artists House - Jim Jennings Architecture
Geyserville, California, 2003

There is a lot of talk about the relationship between architecture and sculpture. Numerous...

Zaha Hadid. Phaeno. Wolfsburg (Germany). 2005


Zaha Hadid. Phaeno. Wolfsburg (Germany). 2005

Big numbers for Zaha Hadid's new project, Wolfsburg Science Museum, opened at the end of November...

Milano Santa Giulia.<br> Foster and Partners. 2005


Milano Santa Giulia.
Foster and Partners. 2005

A city within a city, projected into the future and designed to meet the needs of the people who...

Ravenna Wharf,<br> Antonio Citterio


Ravenna Wharf,
Antonio Citterio

An artificial dune of wood, a scroll of white glass reinforced plastic, a large space with...

Yumebutai, Hawajishima <br>Tadao Ando 2000


Yumebutai, Hawajishima
Tadao Ando 2000

More of a landscaping project than an architectural one, the Yumebutai complex perfectly mirrors...

Herzog & De Meuron<br> Marketing Building for Ricola, Laufen, 1997-1999


Herzog & De Meuron
Marketing Building for Ricola, Laufen, 1997-1999

For the company Ricola, in Switzerland, architects Herzog & De Meuron have created a highly...

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