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Un Studio's most recent works feature colour as the centre of attraction. Ephemeral, iridescent, dynamic, colour is used as an unusual new material to dress up a building in different outfits, changing its clothes to suit the time of day and the weather.

La Defense, Almere. Un Studio Un Studio's project - built between 1999 and 2004 - must therefore be seen as part of a vast urban redevelopment plan which has involved architects of the calibre of Rem Koolhaas and Kazuyo Sejima, working for different clients.
In this context, La Defense stands behind the Dutch city's central railway station on a lot consisting of four separate strips of land of different sizes. The project unites them by drawing an integrated urban system of office centres which are connected to the texture of the urban fabric and to the nearby park through points of discontinuity. The result is a joyful, colourful, contemporary citadel for offices, where unbuilt space takes the form of a pleasant inner courtyard. The parking lot is underground.
The buildings vary not only in colour, but in height as well: from 5-6 to 3-4 floors, the top one of which is often twice as high as the others, to meet the different requirements of the companies which have their offices in the complex.

Francesca Oddo

Pictures courtesy of UN Studio

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