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Location: Kirchbichl
Designer:Architekt Dipl.Ing. Klaus Ebner

KTW Headquarters With a very particular geometry, the new building housing the headquarters of the international software house KTW is only one kilometre from the old location, also in Kirchbichl in the Tyrol.
The headquarters were built in only 14 months employing the latest technologies.
Designed by engineer Klaus Ebner, the area measures about 9000 square metres, including 2650 square metres covered by the reinforced concrete construction.

The central idea around which the building is conceived is its triangular base, clearly the source of inspiration for the architect, who worked closely with the client to identify the best way of emphasising the building's primary characteristics of luminosity, strength and elegance through use of facing materials, in a partnership made possible in part by the price to quality ratio offered by man-made travertine and marble from IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, which lends the whole industrial building its elegance and originality.
Ebner manages to create a highly casual spatial composition which is perfect for creating the ideal working environment, using the triangle as his point of departure and paying careful attention to aesthetic image. Thus this international software house, whose principal aim is to attract the attention of businesses to ways of exploiting the potential of communications synergies, manages to supply services which resolve strategic and innovative issues, also offering independent software consulting services.

Company policy is expressed in the appearance of the buildings, dressing the offices in a new way which pays special attention to form and colour.
The building is very light both inside and out, creating a radiance interrupted only by the compositions of the smooth coloured man-made marble rosettes which underline the company's prestige.
Large spaces entirely faced in man-made marble, enhanced by exemplary lighting, appear cosy and refined, the result of the successful collaboration of two leaders in these fields- IRIS Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti , producer of the prestigious facing materials, and KTW Software & Consulting, who optimise business processes with futuristic technological solutions.

Alessandra Celi

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