Kowloon Station, Terry Farrel. Hong Kong. 1998

Hong Kong,

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Hong Kong's Kowlon Station, commissioned by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, is without a doubt one of the biggest stations to be built in recent years. Its 200,000 square metres extend into the western part of the city, in an area undergoing major transformation and development projects.

Kowloon Station, Terry Farrel. Hong Kong. 1998 The station stands on a large rectangular lot, and is designed to concentrate the majority of its exchange functions underground.
Light rapid transit and airport trains travel in tunnels in the lower levels of the station, entirely separate from the public spaces frequented by travellers.
The same applies to long distance trains, which travel and stop in other tunnels even further underground. Terry Farrell wished to concentrate all the functional parts of the station underground, while offering passengers a wide range of services on the above-ground levels.

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