Kimberly Fitness Center

Moscow, Russia,

Sport & Wellness,

Porcelain Tile,

Location: Mosca, Russia
Construction date: 2001
Materials: GranitiFiandre
Project type: high pressure water jet work and flooring for entire facility

Kimberly Fitness Center Kimberly Fitness Center, completed in 2001, is Moscow's biggest fitness center, complete with an aquapark and an impressively sized gym.
Large, brightly lit rooms fully equipped for various sports, a swimming pool exclusively for water aerobics: a unique oasis of well-being where visitors can work out under the expert direction of famous fitness instructors and enjoy delicious meals, all with flawless service.
Exclusive rehabilitation, medicine and cosmetology programmes are custom-tailored to visitors who go to the center for therapy or just to get back in shape and achieve wellness.
The structure stands out architecturally with strong colour contrasts in its porcelain stoneware flooring, featuring a variety of geometric forms in electric blue, green and ruby red against an even light background.
A large rose cut with a high pressure water jet, outlined in Botticino with inner segments of polished Princess Blue, adds character and beauty to the reception area.
The choice of colours was unlimited in the design of the flooring thanks to the wide range of materials offered by GranitiFiandre.

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