Kengo Kuma, Z58, Shanghai, China, 2006

Kengo Kuma,


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Glass, Steel,

Building Z58 consists of a stereometric volume with simple geometry that dematerialises its outlines through skilful, original use of materials, light and transparencies to create a minimal architecture particularly devoid of identifying signs.

Kengo Kuma, Z58, Shanghai, China, 2006 Located in Fanyu Road, a quiet street overlooking a villa built for the Sun Yatsen family in the 1930s on the eastern side of the dynamic city of Shanghai, the project transforms and converts an old watch factory on three levels. Kuma maintains the original cement structure, except for the part overlooking the road, where a new steel construction forms an atrium running the full height of the building and creates a fourth level for guests.
In Z58 Kuma's architectural strategy is condensed into three main dividing structures: the plant wall, the blade of water and the glass "box".
The plant wall is a linear sequence of steel boxes with a mirror finish containing tiny plants.
The reflections of their surroundings reveal the plants' natural movement. A single opening lets people into the main atrium. 5000 strips measuring 20x20mm form a weave that gives the material a tactile depth perceptible at a certain distance. Another plate of glass captures the presence of the trees in the adjacent garden.

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