Karaoke in Tel Aviv: Plug In by Yaron Tal

Tel Aviv, Israele,

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Israeli architect Yaron Tal designed the interiors of Plug In, a karaoke bar in Tel Aviv. The complex has 18 rooms of different sizes, each decorated differently and designed to contain 4 to 100 people. The theme of the bar is, of course, music.

Karaoke in Tel Aviv: Plug In by Yaron Tal

Yaron Tal is a world-renowned Israeli architect who works in Tel Aviv. With Lipaz Vider and Noa Ilan, he created a karaoke bar with eighteen rooms and an emblematic name: Plug In, where anyone can be a singer.
The eighteen rooms have very different sizes: they can contain from 4 to 100 people, as required, are completely soundproofed and decorated in entirely different ways so that the bar’s customers will have a new experience every time. The materials used in the rooms vary from leather and glass to mirrors and wood, carpeting and tiles: everything is intended to avoid repetition.
Customers going into the rooms are thrust into a highly customised musical experience: they can choose the playlist, order food and drinks, and above all change the lighting as if on a real stage.
At 800 square metres, Plug In pays homage to music. Everything in the interiors is inspired by music: the bar counter is a giant piano, electric guitars hang in the bathrooms, the walls are covered with quotes from famous songs, and the reception area is made up of speakers and amps. Every corner of the bar is, symbolically or concrete, expressed through the world of music.
Francesco Cibati
Year: 2013
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Surface area: 800 sq m
Architects: Yaron Tal, Lipaz Vider, Noa Ilan
Photos: Itay Sikolski

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