Just Cavalli Boutique
Italo Rota, Milan. 2005

Italo Rota,



Interior Design,

When architecture meets fashion, and fashion gets mixed up with design, the result is sometimes eccentric, surprising, even excessive.

Just Cavalli Boutique <br> Italo Rota, Milan. 2005 Light effects, cross-references and sparkling colours are chosen not simply to amaze, but to differentiate various rooms, each with its own unmistakeable style, and "distract" the eye from the narrowness of some of the spaces, such as the passageway to the bar.

The linearity and geometry of the spaces containing the collections for sale contrasts with the curvaceous line of the counters. The contrast and juxtaposition of different forms, colours and materials is the most striking aspect of the store. The space, inaugurated in 2005 during men's fashion week in Milan, is next door to Just Cavalli Café, a 250 square metre coffee shop in Sempione Park which anticipates the capricious, eccentric style of the boutique.

Italo Rota's decision to distribute the space of the store, bar and restaurant over 3 levels perfectly suited the stylist's wish to create internal divisions marking the transition from one area to the other.

Laura Della Badia

Interview with architect Italo Rota
The architect's works

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