Junzo Munemoto, Vangi Museum,
Shizuoka, Japan

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Not far from Tokyo, on a hill overlooking the sea under Mr. Fuji, the world's first museum dedicated to a living sculptor, Giuliano Vangi, opened on April 27, 2002.

Junzo Munemoto, Vangi Museum,<br> Shizuoka, Japan One of the four works created specifically for the museum represents a group of visitors approaching the entrance through the vegetation.
The route through the museum follows the chronological and creative criteria of art as well as the conceptual and distributive criteria of architecture, nourished by the thousand-year-old tradition of Japanese gardens. Light seems to animate the moulded material, so that sculptures and landscape accompany visitors on their way.
To achieve this effect, Munemoto has provided a mechanism for lighting from above, interrupting the half-darkness in which the architect has cast the indoor spaces, closed-in and darkened by the bare cement.
The works contained inside the building include three gigantic installations which form a "continuum" with the surrounding space. The first of these is "La scala del cielo", formed of two parts, one underground and one emerging above; then there is "L'uomo nel canneto", a work depicting a filiform man who has just come out of a cane thicket and is struck by what he sees around him.

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