Juan Navarro Baldeweg
Magistrates' Court in Mahón, Minorca

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The building housing the Magistrates' Court in Mahón was to be one of the elements of a larger project for urban redevelopment promoted by the city; the town planning scheme was to involve the transformation of whole inner areas with large blocks in zones earmarked as public parks.

Juan Navarro Baldeweg<br> Magistrates' Court in Mahón, Minorca The monumental nature of the stone base underlines the institutional role of the construction, but at the same time is alleviated by the mundane and almost rural character that this kind of cladding suggests.
The choice of stone for the foundation base , and for the containing walls, was clear for Baldeweg right from his first sketches, in which the series of lines already gave an idea of the irregularity of the rough cladding
in the countryside of the island, searching for that specific stone, the only one that could ensure a high quality when cut and laid. Above the pink-hued rough stone base, the building has three white plastered walls, in which only a few large-sized openings have been cut.
The western facade, where the main entrance is located, is faced with a large aluminium grating with openings twice the size of the windows behind them.

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