John Pawson
B&B Italia Showroom, London


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The opening of the B&B Italia showroom on one of London's most fashionable streets is an attempt to make a big change in wealthier consumers' attitudes toward design.

John Pawson<br> B&B Italia Showroom, London Moving around the lot to get to the façade facing onto the road, in search of the entrance proper, we find other elements that attract our attention.
These include the brick walls characteristic of the neighbourhood and a group of anonymous housing blocks contrasting with the exuberant building.

Pawson's showroom stands out as an independent, autonomous structure, with a plate glass façade framed by massive blocks of Portland stone and interrupted by a vertical strip of bronze marking the entrance.
The architect uses the materials typical of London's architecture to express an entirely new aesthetic vision that has some affinities with abstract expressionist sculpture.

Clear forms stand out for the simplicity and elegance of their materials. The site, previously occupied by a 1200 square metre automobile showroom, offered Pawson a unique opportunity to construct a building "from scratch".

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