Jean Pierre Buffi: Les Collines Nord de La Défense, Paris

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Conceived of at the end of the Fifties to make room for the growing needs of the French capital to provide space for its service enterprises, La Défense is one of the largest programmed urban developments in Europe.

Jean Pierre Buffi: Les Collines Nord de La Défense, Paris At the ends of the bridge of Neully, a huge slipknot of highways encloses a dense, impressive city, where most of the buildings have been built over the roadways and parking lots.
On a vast artificial "plate", commonly known as the "parvis", a group of buildings are scattered along the two sides of a historical axis that crosses it from east to west, in front of which stands only the Grande Arche by Otto Von Spreckelsen.

Jean Pierre Buffi won the competition for the construction of two lots at the sides of the Arche in 1986 and completed the project in 1990.

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