Ixtapa House - Fernando Romero.
Punta Ixtapa, 2001

Fernando Romero,


Ville, Housing,

Fernando Romero's Ixtapa House is a sensual, elegant, enclosing villa.

Ixtapa House - Fernando Romero.<br />Punta Ixtapa, 2001 The villa looks like a seashell resting on the sand, by the sea, which can be heard from the house. But it is also the intimate, secret stands in a theatre of which the stage is the vast blue expanse of the ocean. A collected, poetic, idyllic place. The villa is accessed via a narrow passageway created where the two volumes come together. Once we get past this entrance we come to the terrace, with its swimming pool and its spectacular view of the coast.
Here the classic tripartite structure of floor-wall-ceiling dissolves into a single surface that encloses the space and wraps around it. "The unique landscape became an abstract image in the every-day life of the household".

In this project, Fernando Romero - a very young Mexican architect who worked with Rem Koolhaas on the Casa della Musica in Oporto - confirms the maturity of his work, which lies in an awareness of the lesson of history and is projected toward experimentation with new, definitely personal forms of design.


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