Italian Liberty Photo Competition


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A photo contest organised by the A.N.D.E.L. association to promote a census of art nouveau architecture and art nouveau works in Italy.

Italian Liberty Photo Competition

The "Italian Liberty"photo contest, organised by the A.N.D.E.L. Associazione Nazionale Difesa Edifici Liberty - the National Association for the Defence of Art Nouveau Buildings - aims to reveal the various forms of art nouveau to a broad public, from students to professionals and amateurs, and promote a census of art nouveau works in Italy.
The photos in the contest have to follow one of4 themes: art nouveau architecture", art nouveau furniture", art nouveau art and free art nouveau. The fourth theme, which is freer, is dedicated above all to never before seen art nouveau details.

The initiative is part of a wider project named "Italia Liberty" whose creator and artistic director is Andrea Speziali, an expert in Art Nouveau and the author of works on Art Nouveau architecture.

This arts project includes itinerant exhibitions like Romagna Liberty and La Spezia Liberty, also curated by Andrea Speziali, and in the future there will be a series of publications dedicated to Art Nouveau in every region of Italy.

For information and registration visit www.italialiberty.it/concorsofotografico and/or the Facebook page: facebook.com/Italianliberty.

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