Irisfmg 2005 Showroom

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Location: Fiorano Modenese, Italy
Renovation year: 2005

Irisfmg 2005 Showroom The latest new Iris Ceramica materials for interior architecture are showcased in the company?s redesigned showroom in Modena: a landmark for interior decorators, architects and anyone with an interest in interior design. New designs from the MA.DE collection are reflected in the showroom concept, created by architects Roberto + Ludovica Palomba: a space where every detail is designed to highlight the visual and tactile dimensions of the surfaces and their identity as items of interior décor.
Large tiles with invisible joints cover the walls of the showroom both inside and out, as well as the floors and columns, creating light effects and conveying the impression of a living, breathing space.
From the soft, inviting texture of the Cocos line inspired by natural fibres to the material 3D effects of Victoria, Orlov and Excelsior, like a symbol sculpted by a diamond tip, to the matt effect of the attractive Uni series, every detail in the collection suggests a new concept of the tile, moulded to interpret today?s living spaces.
The concept of design reinventing ceramics is also apparent in the area displaying Neobarocco, a new collection for interiors from Bottega d'Arte.
Damask decorations woven into the surfaces, daring patterns of roses and sumptuous yet impalpable motifs create a new decorative rhythm and impose new canons in finishes, elevating the entire tiled surface to the level of decoration.

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