Iris Group SuperSurfaceSpace Gallery, designed by Metrogramma, Moscow


Ricardo Oliveira Alves,

Moscow, Russia,

Showroom, Exhibition Center,


Glass, Metal,

Exhibition, Iris Ceramica Group,

The Iris Group has opened SuperSurfaceSpace, its new Moscow gallery and showroom. The interior is designed by Metrogramma, who came up with an innovative system of steel panels covered with ceramic permitting transformation of the space for many different functions.

Iris Group SuperSurfaceSpace Gallery, designed by Metrogramma, Moscow

Italian studio Metrogramma (Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini, Cecilia Gozzi) has designed the interior of SuperSurfaceSpace, the second gallery and showroom opened by the Iris Group (Iris Ceramica, FMG Fabbrica Marmi and Graniti e Fiandre). SuperSurfaceSpace is located in a converted early twentieth-century industrial building in central Moscow. The new space designed by Metrogramma overlooks Lva Tolstogo, near the historic Park Kultury metro stop.
The gallery has an L-shaped floor plan incorporating a showroom and sales area with windows over the street and a more reserved office area overlooking the inner courtyard. The two spaces in Metrogramma's design maintain their independence, one more extroverted and flexible, open to customers and the public, and the other more intimate and rationalised.

After SpazioFMG per l’architettura, opened in Milan in 2007, the Metrogramma project is the second exhibition gallery and showroom for Iris Ceramica floor and wall tiles. The concept underlying it is the transformation of the space, a single rectangular room accessible from the end, from which its full length is visible. 25 metres long and 8 metres wide, with bare brick walls painted black, from which all ornamentation has been removed, the building declares its historic origins and contrasts with the refinement of the mechanisms provided to render the space versatile and capable of revealing changing moods. While one of the long walls is interrupted by windows with views over Lva Tolstogo, which may be darkened with roller blinds, the other, windowless wall contains systems for extending the physical space: behind the “curtain”, a red microfiber floor-to-ceiling curtain that stands out against the black walls, niches have been created for dark metal display units for exhibiting ceramic tiles, blending into the walls that contain them.

The building's spatial confines are expanded on its short sides too. The side with the entrance on it has a mirror window, while the back wall is covered ultra-clear stratified glass with invisible frames on all four sizes, and is used for screenings: the double mirrors continue the game of opposites, between the visible and the hidden, the real and the artificial. But the most dramatic element in a project clearly inspired by the metaphor of theatre, in both conceptual and technical terms, is a set of three mobile steel panels supported by steel girders which, through a system of automated mechanisms, move on the vertical axis, taking on different functions according to their position. In the high position they provide support for led lighting, while they can be lowered to become display units for exhibiting objects, architectural models, products and more, or, lastly, placed on the ground for fashion shows. The panels are designed in an organic shape ideal to permit creative interpretation of the space, leaving people free to move around in the space at will. On the upper side are water jet cut ceramic panels made by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, chosen for their multitude of potential uses. The dark floor tiles, also by FMG, complete a monochromatic scenario that can be reorganised in a variety of ways, like a blank sheet of paper, but black. SuperSurfaceSpace is an exhibition gallery and showroom, but also a conference centre, meeting area and laboratory for workshops, and a location for fashion shows and events.

Progetto: Metrogramma (Andrea Boschetti, Alberto Francini, Cecilia Gozzi)
Capoprogetto: Andrea Boschetti
Collaboratori: Francesco Betta, Egor Fufachev, Andrea Casazza , Giuseppe Bandieramonte, Maria Novozhilova, Thomas, Ernesto Rotondo, Niccolo Spadoni
Committente: Iris Group
Luogo: Lva Tolstogo str., 14 Moscow (Russia)'
Main Constructor: ItalEngineering International
MEP: Pizzarotti IE
Light design: Alessandro Chiodo and Walter De Masi
Superficie utile lorda: 200 mq
Fine lavori: 2015'
Rivestimenti e pavimenti FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti
Pavimento Gallery: Dark Depth 300x150 | 6mm
Pavimento uffici: Onice Perla pre-polished 300x150 cm | 6mm
Tavolo tagliato e sagomato all’idrogetto: Calacatta 300x150 polished | 6mm
Bagni: Dark Depth e Onice Perla '300X150 | 6mm'
Moving table and metal doors: Auroport'
Furniture: Extra Vega, Nayada
Sanitary equipment: CEA Design, Senda
Lighting: Arri, Zumtobel, iGuzzini
Lighting control, switches and sockets: Gewiss

Fotografie: © Ricardo Oliveira Alves


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